"When you begin to think outside the box, you often become some other "leaders" lousy follower. That usually costs something" (Andy Rayner)

"Our guardian angels are bored." (Mike Foster)

It's where I feel I'm at these days. “In the second half of life, it is good just to be a part of the general dance. We do not have to stand out, make defining moves, or be better than anyone else on the dance floor. Life is more participatory than assertive, and there is no need for strong or further self-definition” (Falling Upward. Richard Rohr.120).

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Religious Imposition!

"The currency of the gospel of religion is fear and imposition. The currency of the gospel of Christ is love and invitation." (Leonard Sweet. Nudge, pg 21)

I think that I have experienced both sides now. People who preach and live a gospel of imposition. There "gospel commands" are burdensome.  They get very angry when you side step their ways, methods, power, leadership, tradition, or opinions. Question the good of their path or method... and you are in trouble. There is much fear and intimidation, and labeling in that camp. I dished it out myself, and I've received it too.

I am beginning to appreciate those who live the Gospel of love and invitation. I am not here to force anything on anyone. I am here to point to Jesus, to invite them to another look or glimpse. It's risky to point people to the foot of the cross, and leave them there. Jesus might just do something with them, without us. And I convinced he does do something when we get out of the way.

I don't want disciples formed in my image.....but his.
I invite you to take a look at him, certainly not me.

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