"When you begin to think outside the box, you often become some other "leaders" lousy follower. That usually costs something" (Andy Rayner)

"Our guardian angels are bored." (Mike Foster)

It's where I feel I'm at these days. “In the second half of life, it is good just to be a part of the general dance. We do not have to stand out, make defining moves, or be better than anyone else on the dance floor. Life is more participatory than assertive, and there is no need for strong or further self-definition” (Falling Upward. Richard Rohr.120).

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bullys Steal Much Of What We Give To The Poor.

"It turns out that you can provide all manner of goods and services to the poor, as good people have been doing for decades, but if you are not restraining the bullies in the community from violence and theft —as we have been failing to do for decades—then we are going to find the outcomes of our efforts quite disappointing."
(The Locust Effect: Why The End Of Povery Requires The End Of Violence. Gary A. Haugen & Victor Boutros)

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